The Root Chakra

First chakra Muladhara Root chakra base chakraThe MÛLÂDHÂRA is the Sanskrit word for the Root Chakra. This is the first of the chakras and is located at the base of the spine, at the perineum area.

It also provides us our ability to manifest security and stability. Feeling safe is primordial to the good functioning of the Root Chakra, so it is also related to our basic survival needs. Safety is basic to survival, but also is reproduction -understanding reproduction as survival of the species.

The Root Chakra also plays a vital role absorbing Telluric energy. Telluric currents are also known as Earth currents. They are primarily geomagnetically induced.  We absorb Telluric energy with our sole chakras and it is regulated by the Root Chakra. Hence, this chakra provides us our ability to be grounded.

The Root Chakra is the seat of the Kundalini energy. This form of energy is described as dormant and coiled up in this chakra. Different spiritual traditions teach methods such as meditation or yoga to ‘awakening’ the Kundalini.

The Root Chakra & The Physical Body

Each chakra has governance over a particular part of our body. Chakras interact with our physical body via two main vehicles which are the nervous system and the endocrine system. The Root Chakra is closely related to the lower part of our physical body.

~ Body parts ~

The Root Chakra is located in the coccyx area. It supplies energy to the pelvic region and it governs the skeleton, which gives us stability. This chakra is particularly about connecting to the ground, so it also has governance over the legs, from the hips to the feet. It also influences the health of our sexual organs, pelvis, and kidneys.

~ Endocrine gland ~  

The Adrenal glands are two triangular shaped glands located on top of each kidney. They regulate the metabolism and immune system. Adrenal glands produce and secrete a hormone called adrenaline.  It helps the body to cope with physical and emotional stress by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure.

~ Health issues ~

Blockages on the energetic level may cause physical illness.  Any disturbance on the balance of the Root Chakra may cause challenges with feet, knees and hips, arthritis and even constipation.

Blockages on the Root Chakra

The central theme of this chakra is security and stability. It represents the will to live and self-preservation. The Root Chakra is the first of the chakras to develop. From your birth till around the age of 7, your energetic system primarily focuses in this chakra. Think of children up to 7 years old, what do they need the most? Protection, security and feeling safe. Any insecurities, harmful events or dangerous situations during these ages may cause a blockage in the Root Chakra.

Disconnection with Mother Earth is also a principal cause of blockages in this chakra.

~ Balanced ~

When this chakra is balanced one feels well grounded, safe and secure. Stability plays an important role keeping the Root Chakra balanced. If this chakra is strong, you will enjoy of healthy bones and other structural elements like nails and teeth. The Root Chakra is blocked by fear. Once a chakra is blocked, it can go overactive or underactive.

~ Overactive ~

When this chakra goes overactive, people tend to be lazy, showing a disinclination to activity despite their ability to act. This usually brings about obesity. People with an overactive Root Chakra prefers to live a monotone life and are addicted to security.

~ Underactive ~

A lack of this chakra’s energy results in fears and insecurities. An underactive Root chakra is evidenced by restlesness and lack of focus. You will also find trouble to find financial difficulty.

Healing the Root Chakra

If you want to activate and develop your Root Chakra, there are different avenues you can take. Use your intuition to choose which works best for you. You can incorporate them all in your life at the same time. There is no harm and they complement each other. Keep doing these exercises several times a day for an extended period of time. You will benefit immensely.

~ Healing with Essences ~

Healing properties of fragrances were first discovered in Egypt about 5000 years ago. Smells can instantly change our mood. The olfactory sense is the oldest of our senses and it is connected to our primitive brain or reptilian brain. This sense is closely related to the Root Chakra.

Most effective essence to stimulate the Root Chakra are rosemary, cloves, cedar and cypress. You can use fragranced candles, incense, creams or even oils. If you choose to use essential oils, you can put few drops into an aroma lamp, into a bath or even use it when having a massage.

~ Healing with Plants ~

Valerian, lime blossom and elder are healing plants that work to stimulate and balance the Root Chakra. Best way to have them is like and infusion or tea.

~ Vowel ~

Each vowel has its own vibration, which resonates in a particular area of the body. is a deep vowel that resonate in the pelvic area. Intone the vowel U for a minute or so and concentrate in on the Root Chakra area.

Musical notes also relate to chakras. The Root Chakra note is Do ( C ).

~ Healing affirmations ~

Healing affirmations are positive statements. They belong to the category of hypnotic techniques or, more precisely, autosuggestion. This technique plants a seed on your unconscious mind and you will harvest the fruit on the conscious.

Affirmations need to be positive, short, simple and punchy. Repeat them at least 10 times twice a day. Affirmations for the Root Chakra are:

  • I am safe in the world around me
  •  I feel at home in my body
  • I belong to this world.

~ Other Healing tips ~

  • Physical activity
  • Contact with nature
  • Walk barefoot
  • Foot massage
  • Bathe your legs in cold water
  • Wear red clothing
  • Listen or learn playing drums

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