Into the Essence of Reiki

A Course to Deepen your Understanding of Reiki

This course is open to all Reiki practitioners of any lineage, level or system who want to delve deeper into the spiritual essence of Reiki and expand one’s knowledge of Reiki abilities. In this course, you will learn several techniques to help you cope with common issues of your day to day life. 

This course will also help you to understand the true meaning of Reiki. While we analyze the importance of being spiritually open and consciously aware, we will explore the link between spirituality and Reiki. We will also focus on the higher spiritual purpose of the pillars of Reiki (or main techniques), and the importance to develop our sensitivity.

The course is divided in two parts:

1. The Secret of Happiness

This part re-connects us with the deep spiritual understanding of the pillars of Reiki. We will explain and practise these pillars (Hatsurei-ho):

  • Dry bath (Ken’yoku)
  • Purifying breath (Joshin kokyu-ho)
  • Gassho meditation (Gassho meiso)
  • Reiki Ideals (Gokai)
  • The practice of Reiki

In this part, you will also learn techniques to help you cope with many real-life circumstances. Their practise will improve the well-being of you and those you love. These techniques are genuine Japanese Reiki methods from Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi.

These Reiki techniques are:
  • Reducing levels of stress
  • Balancing blood pressure levels
  • Treating digestive disorders
  • Reducing fever
  • Treating otitis or earache
  • Purifying objects
  • Treating insect bites, pimples and cold sores
  • Shock reducing treatment
  • Treatment to increase energy levels
  • Arms, legs and back treatments
  • Babies and children treatments
  • Other treatments and Reiki uses…

2. Perceptual Sensitivity

In this part, we explain the importance of being sensitive. Sensitivity allows us to be aware and receptive, to detect and respond to slight changes and signals. Perceptual sensitivity manifests in different ways. In this part, we will see how it works, it’s signs, it’s uses and the different ways it can help us to carry out a Reiki treatment.

We will also explain and practice some techniques to develop our sensitivity. Perceptual sensitivity is a great help not only with our Reiki treatments but also when dealing with many of our common life situations.

Main contents of this part:
  • The importance of sensitivity and perceptions in the Reiki treatment
  • Factors that affect the perceptual sensitivity
  • Techniques and exercises to increase perceptual sensitivity
  • Exercises to learn to identify our perceptions
  • Types of sensitive perceptions
  • Technique of the Reiki treatment guided by perceptual sensitivity
  • Identification of perceptions during the Reiki treatment
  • Application of perceptual sensitivity in other aspects
  • Other forms and tools of perception

During this course, we will also explain the main differences between Western and Eastern Reiki.

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