At the Sunrise Reiki Centre we offer you a wide variety of Reiki treatments. You can select the treatment that suits better your individual needs. Although Reiki is new to some people and the standard Reiki treatment may be the most popular one, we want to bring you closer to the knowledge and full potential that Reiki has.

~Standard Reiki treatment~

At the Sunrise Reiki Centre, we follow the technique taught by Dr Usui to his students, and developed by his successor Dr Hayashi. It is Reiki at its most traditional form. Click here to learn more about the standard Reiki treatment.

~Aura clearing~

Formerly called Psychic Surgery. This is a powerful treatment to remove from your psyche blockages and low frequency energies. It should not be confused with the Psychic Surgery practiced in the Philippines. Click here to learn more about Aura clearing.

~Healing attunement~

It is a potent technique to raise the frequency of vibration of the person. Healing attunement is mostly used before the above mentioned treatments as this process opens a door through which higher-frequency healing energies are able to flow more effectively. Click here to learn more about healing attunements.

~Distant healing~

Not everyone has the time or the will to dedicate an hour of the week to receive a treatment. Distant healing is the perfect tool for those that need healing but for whatever reason cannot arrange an appointment. If you want to know more how distant healing works follow this link.


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