Reiki Dublin 2, Dublin 4, Dublin 16, Knocklyon

Welcome to the Sunrise Reiki Centre, a place to find inner peace, improve your health and to feel in harmony with yourself and life. In the Sunrise Reiki Centre, you will enhance your wellbeing, strengthen your general health and increase your energy levels.

Do you want to feel better…

reiki in Dublin holistic treatment

Reduce Your Stress? 

 Improve Your Physical Health?

 Overcome Your Anxiety or Depression?

 Increase Your Energy Levels?

…Reiki is Your Way

Reiki is a gentle treatment, and yet a powerful form of healing that produces profound
Reiki-Healing Dublineffects. As a natural healing system, it can benefit everyone and is a safe, non-invasive treatment. It can be used alongside other complementary therapies and conventional medicine. The benefits of Reiki are immense and go from healing physical diseases to promoting emotional balance, joy and spiritual growth.

Your appointment at your most convenient location:

  • Dervish, Aungier Street, Dublin 2
  • Oscailt, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4
  • Sunrise Reiki Centre, Woodstown Vale, Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Reiki rooms in DublinContact:

  • Phone: 085 168 0386
  • email: esther@sunrisereikicentre.com

I also facilitate a mobile service. I can move my equipment wherever you are. The choice is yours. Please contact me here to book an appointment.