Reiki Level 1

  1. Reiki Level 1 Course

Reiki Symbol with circle
 In this course, you will learn the basis of the ancient healing art of Reiki. This is the first degree/level of Reiki. When you complete this course you will be able to channel healing energy to yourself and to others. You will also receive your certificate at the end of the course.

Reiki is Japanese for ‘Universal Life Force Energy’.  Reiki empowers you to bring harmony and wellbeing to your life. This course is a journey of personal evolution and empowerment. You will be attuned to the main source of Reiki and this connection will remain with you all your life.

Information about Reiki courses DublinWhether you would like to use it for your own personal development or become a practitioner, Reiki will be a powerful resource for the journey you are about to start.

You can now learn Reiki level 1 in two different formats:

  • Full time: 20th & 21st May 2023 (9:30am – 5:30pm) in Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Rd, Dublin 4
  • Part time: 8 week course. Starting the 26th of January 2023 (6pm – 8pm) in Crumlin College

What you will learn

    1st Part: Reiki
  1. Reiki principles
  2. What Reiki is
  3. What Reiki is not
  4. How Reiki works
  5. The benefits of Reiki
  6. History of Reiki
  7. Reiki systems
  8. Usui/Tibetan system and its degree 
    2nd Part: Energetic Centres
  9. The chakras
  10. The energetic bodies
  11. How do we get sick?
  12. Additional information on the chakras
    3rd Part: Reiki Treatment
  13. Full Reiki treatment 
  14. Charkra treatment
  15. Short Reiki treatment
  16. The ways in which Reiki can be used
  17. Smooth out the Aura
  18. Healing crisis
  19. Contraindications
  20. Hand positions 
    4th Part: Additional Information
  21. Reiki and meditation
  22. Reiki and water
  23. Like attracts like
  24. Photos of Masters 
  25. Lineage of Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Esther Mas

You will also receive:

  • An attunement to Reiki
  • Course manual
  • Copy of guided meditations from this course
  • Certificate
  • Continued support from me
  • Follow up  session
  • Be part of a growing Reiki community

The price of the course is €250. This includes all training materials and support mentioned above.

Early Birds also available.

The length of the course is approximately 15 hours. 

For more information contact me here.


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