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I have just finished Reiki one course taught by Esther. It was a 6 week course where Esther guided us through the whole new world of Reiki. I each week looked forward to the next one. Esther was just the perfect teacher her wealth of knowledge and her love for what she does just shines through her wonderful personality. It was a joy to learn from such a wonderful teacher and to be honest I can’t wait till I do Reiki 2. Thank you Esther for your guidance looking forward to meeting you again. Love and good wishes Sheila

Sheila Sherwin

I thoroughly enjoyed Esther’s Reiki Level 1 course last week-end, in a pleasant and calm atmosphere, yet plenty of information, food for thought, chats and laughs! Theory on the first day and practice on the second. I can’t wait practicing with my family and friends. Esther is a very knowledgeable Reiki Master, a gentle, loving and inspiring teacher, with, obviously, lots of ‘energy’ too! Highly recommended to help yourself and others find more balance in your and their Life.

Cecile Deneys

I had a number of sessions of reiki with Esther and would really recommend her. I found the sessions really restorative and Esther herself is lovely and immediately puts you at your ease. The benefits lasted long after the session each time which is something I found really helpful coming from a fast-paced working environment.

Barbara Hamil

I did the first level Reiki course and I took a before and after for me from the hand of Esther who was the guide and teacher, she explains everything in detail, shared all her knowledge, and answered any questions, I felt very comfortable and very satisfied with the course, because after finishing the course my life could say that it has changed, it gave me more than I expected and as the days have gone by, the experience is increasing, for example, I came from taking antibiotics to be able to sleep and after finishing the course, I have already lowered the consumption of pills enormously, I sleep much better among others it is in one to continue, Esther through her beautiful personality and her kindness will take you by the hand in this course, I hope to have the opportunity to do the next level of reiki with Esther in the future, I wish you a lovely day

Enrique Santana

Exceeded my expectations – and I feel lucky to have found Esther to teach me. Thank you!

 Sharon Hurley

In my hectic life I find treatments with Esther in the Sunrise Reiki Centre an oasis of peace and serenity where I can recharge my battery.

With her, I benefit not only from the relaxing side of Reiki, but also from a deep healing experience. Since the age of 12 I have been suffering from very severe hemiplegic migraines with aura. Usually, an attack lasts up to 3-4 days.  I once came to a session with the start of a migraine and left completely fine.

I am very impressed with Esther. She is very professional and extremely pleasant to deal with. I will definitely be recommending her to friends.

Monika Rostkowska

I work 12 hour shifts in a busy and stressful job, it can be really tiring both physically and mentally. I used to find it difficult.

Since I started to get reiki with Esther I find my energy levels greatly increased. I feel amazing at work, no matter what time day or night. My focus is improved and I simply do not get stressed anymore, I feel able to deal with any situation. I cannot explain it but I guarantee that it is down to Esther’s reiki and I am so thankful to her for her help. Now I get reiki every 2 weeks before my shift pattern starts again and every time I feel better and better, it’s like it builds up making each session more powerful.

I honestly cannot recommend this highly enough for those with a hectic lifestyle or stressful jobs 10/10.

Carl Cooney

Esther as a teacher is really approachable. I felt like I could ask her anything. She is really passionate about Reiki which made me feel very passionate about it too.

Sophie O’Brien

I really enjoyed Level 2 as it opens to so many possibilities and higher vibration level. I would recommend Esther highly to anyone looking for Reiki courses. Everything was great about this course:

  • The schedule was good balanced and nice to have the course over 2 weekends.
  • Small groups are great to be able to ask questions without fearing of taking too much time.
  • The variety of supports (text, videos, discussions) makes it enjoyable and never boring.
  • Going out in nature on the last day is a great idea.

Aurore Person

Just want to thank Esther again for this wonderful course. I am delighted to have started on my Reiki journey and already looking forward to Level 2 in the new year.

Ciara Ashwell


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