The Root Chakra

First chakra Muladhara Root chakra base chakraThe MÛLÂDHÂRA is the Sanskrit word for the Root Chakra. This is the first of the chakras and is located at the base of the spine, at the perineum area.

It also provides us our ability to manifest security and stability. Feeling safe is primordial to the good functioning of the Root Chakra, so it is also related to our basic survival needs. Safety is basic to survival, but also is reproduction -understanding reproduction as survival of the species. Continue reading


Reiki and ADHD

Reiki and ADHD children treatments

Over the last decade, the number of people using Reiki to complement medical treatments like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has greatly increased. Reiki is not an alternative to a medical school curriculum. It does not intend to replace medical or psychological treatment. Reiki is a complementary therapy part of an integrated medicine programme. Continue reading

How do we get sick? Reiki perspective of disease

Diseases are a physical manifestation of energetic unbalances and blockages on the mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. Usually, these blockages take form and stick around body organs, chakras or the aura. Eventually, health issues emerge from these blockages. From a Reiki point of view, disease begins when there is a disturbance on the natural flow of the Ki (life force energy*). Once removed the blockage, the Ki recovers its natural flow and the person recovers his or her optimum state of health. Continue reading