Reiki Level 3

In this level you will experience a huge leap of consciousness. It is a course of massive transformation. This attunement increases your energy vibration. You begin to operate at a high-vibrational frequency and while you start to connect to the causal plane, you get profoundly in touch with you Higher Self. Hence, progressive changes occur within and around you.  

Reiki courses dublinReiki level 3 is for those who have already been attuned to Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 and want to expand their healing potential.

In the Usui Tibetan system, Reiki level 3 is also known as Advanced Reiki Training (ART). As per Reiki Federation Ireland guidelines, with this level you become a Reiki Master healer but you will not be able to teach Reiki yet.

When you complete this level you will be able to use the Usui Master symbol. You will also learn how to use one of the Tibetan symbols. In addition to the traditional Reiki healing techniques you will also learn how to perform an aura clearing and you will also learn how to build and use a Reiki Grid.

Next Reiki level 3 course will take place in Oscailt, 8 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4 during the following dates:

  • Friday 6th October 2023 (6pm – 9pm)
  • Saturday 7th October 2023 (9:30am – 5:30pm)
  • Sunday 8th October 2023 (9:30am – 5:30pm)

Reiki Level 3

What you will learn

1st Part: Reiki Symbols of this level
  1. Usui Master symbol
  2. Antahkarana
  3. Origins of the Usui Master and variations throughout different systems
      2nd Part: Use of this level Reiki Symbols during a Treatment
  4. Establish our Divine presence here on Earth
  5. Standard Reiki treatments
  6. Distant Reiki treatments and beaming
  7. Distant Reiki treatments with Quarts crystals
  8. Reiki Grid
  9. Aura clearing
    3rd Part: Reiki, Meditation and Spiritual Growth
  10. Beyond the internal dialogue
  11. Meditation Reiki 3, 1st part: Bringing light
  12. Meditation Reiki 3, 2nd part: Manifesting goals
  13. Moving meditation
  14. Meditating with the Antahkarana

You will also receive:

  • An attunement to Reiki
  • Course manual
  • Copy of guided meditations from this course 
  • Certificate
  • Continued support from me 
  • Follow up session
  • Be part of a growing Reiki community

The price of the course is €395 (Early bird €350). This includes all training materials, and points mentioned above.

The length of the course is approximately 20 hours. 

For more information contact me here.


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