The Chakras and the Dharma

Is there any relation between the chakras and the dharma?

This question was place in front of me by a student few days ago. The immediate answer that came to my mind was yes, there is.  However, I had to analyse properly my response.

Chakras Dharma ReikiDharma has no exact translation to our western languages. The concept dharma varies from religion to religion in the Indian region. However, the classic Sanskrit noun dharma is a derivation from the root ‘dhr’ which means to hold or maintain, meaning what is established or firm and hence “law”.

Hinduism understands dharma as the behaviours that are in line with the natural order of the universe. Buddhism defines dharma as the cosmic natural law or order. It is also one of the three jewels of Buddhism often translates as “the teachings of Buddha”. For Sikhs, dharma means the path of righteousness.

chakras, dharma and ReikiSo if in general we understand dharma as that which upholds the natural order of the universe, dharma will be in itself the nature of all things. Therefore, when we are in harmony with the dharma we will be aligned with our true nature. Consequently, our chakras will flow naturally and no blockage will disrupt them.

From an early age we receive some external influences that distance us from our true nature, who we really are. These external influences guide us to build a residual image or projection of ourselves. Maybe we end up believing that we have to become X or Y person in this life, have this or that social position, climb up the ladder, own the biggest house, car, and so on and so forth.

harmony of the chakras and dharmas with ReikiThis is not the true nature of ourselves. It is something very far from who we really are. It is then when we lose contact with ourselves and we stop living in harmony with ourselves. What happens next? These disruptions of our natural flow manifest in form of blockages. Unbalanced chakras filter down these energetic stains to the physical body. Eventually, diseases appear. If you realize dis-ease means not been at ease. When something is not at ease lacks of balance and harmony, it is an abnormal condition, it is a disorder of a structure or function.

To live in alignment with your true nature means to live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is reflected in the natural flow of your chakras. Hence balance in life.


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