The Sacral Chakra

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The SWADHISTHANA is located 3 inches below the navel (7.5 cm) In Sanskrit means sweetness or loveliness.

The second chakra governs our capacity to build & maintain relationships with the world.

This chakra is about friendliness, emotions and erotic sexuality. The sacral is the pleasure seeker. This chakra allows us to experience our true desires.

Through the activation of this chakra, we can come into contact with the feminine side of our nature.

The Sacral Chakra & The Physical Body

The chakras are part of our energy system. They connect our energetic body with our physical body. The second chakra lies above the sacrum and sexual organs. It governs this particular part of our body. Work on this chakra will improve your physical health.

~ Body parts ~

The Sacral Chakra governs our sexual organs, reproductive and urinary system. It regulates the flow of energy in to the sacral and pelvic regions. Kidneys, ureter, urethra, bladder and womb are parts of our body that deal with fluids. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Sacral Chakra element’s is water.

~ Endocrine gland ~  

The gonad glands are this chakras’s adrenal glands. In males, the testes or testicles secrete hormones like testosterone. This hormone affects male characteristics like sexual developments, growth of facial hair and pubic hair. In females, the ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone as well as eggs. They also affect female characteristics of sexual development.

~ Health issues ~

Working with the chakras brings immense positive effects. However, life experiences, mental patterns or even certain beliefs can block the chakras. Eventually, it causes physical illness.  Any disturbance on the balance of the Sacral Chakra can challenge the sexual organs, reproductive and/or urinary systems.

Health issues include irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian cysts, PMS, testicular or prostate disease. Some allergies and certain migraines are caused by an unbalance on the Sacral Chakra’s energy flow.

Blockages on the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the second of the chakras to develop. From the age of 8 till around 14, your energy system primarily focuses in this chakra. Think of children between 8 and 14, they start to be more independent. There is an awareness of being part of the world and their own community. They make best friends and identify themselves with role models. This stage is crucial on the second chakra development. A well-balanced Sacral Chakra brings positive self-awareness and self-esteem.

~ Balanced ~

A strong Sacral Charka is the best preparation for a well-balanced emotional life. When this chakra is balanced, one enjoys of emotional intelligence. It provides you with the ability to experience pleasure, nurture your self and others. This chakra is of great importance for erotic fulfillment.

The second chakra may be blocked by guilt. When too little or too much energy filters to this chakra, it can go overactive or underactive.

~ Overactive ~

When this chakra goes overactive, the person may develop pleasure addiction. Characteristic symptoms include obsessive attachment, excessively sensitive, mood swings and strong emotions. People with and overactive Sacral Chakra like to manipulate other people using seduction and sexual attraction.

~ Underactive ~

A lack of  energy in this chakra results in poor social skills. The person may feel emotionally distant and with a high sense of guilt. Other possible consequences are lack of desire, frigidity, fear of sex and denial of pleasure. Also, rigidity in attitudes can be observed when there is a blockage at this level.

Healing the Sacral Chakra

There are many exercises and therapies you can introduce in your daily routine to heal and strengthen your Sacral Chakra. In this section, you will read simple yet powerful healing tips. Use one or all, it is up to you.  I would recommend to try them all and see which works best for you.

You can incorporate them all in your life at the same time. There is no harm and they complement each other. Keep doing these exercises several times a day for an extended period of time. You will benefit immensely.

~ Healing with Essences ~

Fragrances can instantly change our mood. Its healing properties were first discovered in Egypt about 5000 years ago.

Bitter orange, pepper, sandalwood and vanilla are very effective to stimulate the Sacral Chakra. You can use fragranced candles, incense, creams or even oils. If you choose to use essential oils, you can put few drops into an aroma lamp, into a bath, mix it with your massage oil or even carry it around with a handkerchief.

~ Healing with Plants ~

Nettle strengthens the urinary tract. It also helps to moderate heavy menstrual bleeding and improves bladder control.

Parsley stimulates the kidneys helping to detoxify the body. Parsley tea eases abdominal cromps and headaches. Avoid using it during pregnancy.

~ Vowel ~

The Pelvic vibration in the vowel O (a long drawn-out O as in the word SEW) is particularly effective in stimulating the energy of the Sacral Chakra. Practise the following exercise twice a day.

Sit up straight and close your eyes. Concentrate. Breathe in through your nose, and as you exhale, let out the long O sound. Do this for a few minute. Pay attention to how the vibration expands in your lower belly.

Musical notes also relate to the chakra. The sacral chakra note is RE or know also as D.

~ Healing affirmations ~

Healing affirmations are positive statements. They belong to the category of hypnotic techniques or, more precisely, autosuggestion. This technique plants a seed on your unconscious mind and you will harvest the fruit on the conscious.

Affirmations need to be positive, short, simple and punchy. Repeat them at least 10 times twice a day. Affirmations for the Sacral Chakra are:

  • I enjoy life with all my senses
  • I lovingly accept my body and my sensuality
  • I allow myself to experience my healthy desires

~ Other Healing tips ~

  • Get into contact with water (swim, walk by the lake, bath)
  • Emotional release
  • Inner child work
  • Boundary work
  • Assign healthy pleasures
  • Bring the orange colour into your life
  • Dance like no one’s watching!

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