Reiki and ADHD

Reiki and ADHD children treatments

Over the last decade, the number of people using Reiki to complement medical treatments like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has greatly increased. Reiki is not an alternative to a medical school curriculum. It does not intend to replace medical or psychological treatment. Reiki is a complementary therapy part of an integrated medicine programme.

Some children with ADHD may present clinical symptoms associated to Children doing Reiki and ADHDanxiety, mood swings, irritability, feelings of guilt, hopelessness, low self-esteem, low tolerance for stress and sleep problems. Reiki can bring relief to these symptoms. By bringing balance on the emotional level we promote a higher sense of well-being.

Reiki does not promise any miracle but it greatly helps to handle emotional imbalances that accompany conditions like ADHD. Some doctors trained in complementary approaches encourage the use of relaxation therapies like Reiki. Scientific research explain that Reiki stabilises the emotional imbalances that aggravate the clinical condition of the child.

Reiki eliek for children with ADHDThere is no cure for ADHD, but treatment can reduce symptoms and make the condition much less of a problem in day-to-day life. ADHD can be treated using medications or therapy, but it is widely agreed that a combination of both forms of treatment is the best way to treat it.


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