Reiki and Meditation

Woman doing Reiki and meditation

The benefits of meditation are quite similar to the benefits of Reiki. Both practises help to increase awareness, improve health, enhance harmony and build inner peace among others. They reinforce each other. Our practise is strengthen when using both methods.

Reiki and MeditationMeditation allows us to quiet our mind. Hence we can see what is behind our fleet of thoughts and emotions. Meditation is a practise that leads us to the direct experience of our own self. It helps us to be in touch with the divine existing within all us.

We live in a society guided by compulsive thinking. It is a habit. Some people devote their lives to keeping their mind busy. They feel extremely uncomfortable with silence. This is the reason why they constantly watch television, read magazines, connect to social media, get drunk, and so forth.

Empty your mind with Meditation and ReikiBy doing this, we build a wall between our inner self and the residual projection of our self. We have to learn to leave our mind alone so we can reach to our core. Meditation allows us to clear out any polluting thought or emotion. Let go of them to create a bigger space to allow higher frequency energies in our lives – compassion, unconditional love, kindness, and so on.

Nevertheless, the mind is a wonderful tool we have. It allows us to experience our creation and the world we are living in. Throughout our senses we perceive. Our mind interprets that information and creates an emotion. However, the flow of thoughts and emotions are no more than believing the water in a cup is the cup.



2 thoughts on “Reiki and Meditation

    • Dear Elaine,

      Thanks for your message and you interest in Reiki.

      Last weekend we had a group learning Reiki Level 1. However, we will be running this course again soon.
      I am based in Clontarf. If you are interested in taking the course I could send you more information.

      Kindest regards


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