How do we get sick? Reiki perspective of disease

Diseases are a physical manifestation of energetic unbalances and blockages on the mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. Usually, these blockages take form and stick around body organs, chakras or the aura. Eventually, health issues emerge from these blockages. From a Reiki point of view, disease begins when there is a disturbance on the natural flow of the Ki (life force energy*). Once removed the blockage, the Ki recovers its natural flow and the person recovers his or her optimum state of health.

The reasons why people develop a disease vary according to eachblockages with cause and root on the spiritual level or karmic level, mental level, emotional level with a manifestation on the physical level person’s personal circumstances. A disease that appears on the physical level may have its origins in behaviours, repetitive patterns or beliefs that are in disharmony with the person’s nature. Psychological or emotional traumas can also originate physical disease. Karmic lessons also appear in form of disease.

It may happen that blockages have been with us for a long time, for instance, a traumatic experience from your childhood. Depending on where this blockage is rooted, you will experience physical ailments soon after the traumatic experience or, on the contrary, pain will appear some years after. So, non-severe blockages may come into being immediately after. The deeper the cause of the blockage, the longer it will take to become as a physical disease.

reiki hands and symbolReiki works from the root of the cause, so it has an impact at all levels including physical, emotional, mental and auric levels. Non-severe blockages and acute conditions can be realised between one and three Reiki sessions. Other times deep blockages causing chronic pain may take longer before the epicentre reveals itself. Thus, healing time is proportional to the depth and size of the blockage.

* Click on to this link to learn more about the Ki


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