What Are The 7 Chakras?

7 chakras mandala

The 7 chakras are the major energy centres of the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. It refers to the shape of the energy vortexes that are found in the etheric body of each human being. These energetic points are related to the maintenance of specific physical and emotional functions.

A chakra occurs where two energy meridians or channels intersect. There are known to be over 80,000 chakras. In the western world we tend to concentrate on the seven main chakras. These chakras existing in our etheric body are connecting the physical body with our energetic bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual). They are found in a vertical line with the first situated at the base of our spine and the seventh on the crown of our head (see picture below).

Chakras have a number of attributes, including a colour, a relation to an element, a musical note and a mantra. Each chakra also has a function and each one of them is connected to a different gland of the endocrine system.

what are the 7 chakras

How chakras influence the physical body’s health may be described with the frequency at which we vibrate. Our etheric body vibrates to a higher frequency than the physical body. Imbalances in the higher frequency flow down the physical, creating disease. This imbalance can act in two ways. One, it can slow the speed at which the chakra spins and diminish its size. So, the physical organs will automatically under work. Two, an alteration on our vibration can speed up the chakra. If this spins too fast, it can also lead to physical and emotional problems.

What are the 7 chakras?

Our mind and our attitudes influence the flow of energy in our energy field. The more balanced our attitudes, the more balanced the energy distribution in our energy field. Giving Reiki treatments to oneself and to others on a regular basis will greatly help you to treat any imbalances in both the endocrine system and the chakra system.

I hope this post helps you to understand better what are the 7 chakras and how they work. If there is something you want me to clarify, write a comment or contact me here. Thank you very much.


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