What is the Aura? Learn more about your Subtle Bodies

What is the aura heading picture and its subtle bodies

We are not just a physical body. We have subtle bodies of higher frequencies surrounding our body. They are barely perceptible to the naked human eye, but they are part of the electromagnetic field that extends all around our body. That is what we call the aura. Continue reading

Full Wolf Moon and New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions? Make them Happen with the First Full Moon of 2015. Also Known as Wolf Moon.New Year's resolutions help

Every year around these dates, half of the planet is reviewing last year’s deeds and mistakes. We all might have gone through joys and sorrows and we all learn from them. Whether we want to become a better person, be healthier or let go of things that don’t serve us well any longer, New Year’s resolutions are a good way to increase awareness of ourselves. Continue reading

How do we get sick? Reiki perspective of disease

Diseases are a physical manifestation of energetic unbalances and blockages on the mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. Usually, these blockages take form and stick around body organs, chakras or the aura. Eventually, health issues emerge from these blockages. From a Reiki point of view, disease begins when there is a disturbance on the natural flow of the Ki (life force energy*). Once removed the blockage, the Ki recovers its natural flow and the person recovers his or her optimum state of health. Continue reading